Any true Jam Skater would like to be the best or at the very least wants to know who is the best. The National Jam Skating League Leaderboard is a points system where Jam Skaters earn points by winning at sanctioned national tournaments. Points are tallied after each event and a website will be updated regularly during each Jam Skating season showing who the top Competitive Jam Skaters are in the nation according to the total number of points each Jam Skater has earned.

  1. Point totals start over at the beginning of each Jam Skating season (January 1st) and accumulate until the end of the last tournament of the year. However, year to year totals, averages and other stats will be kept and posted to help show who the best of the best is over time.
  2. Each League/age bracket will have a separate Leaderboard and boys and girls will also have separate Leaderboards within their age brackets.
  3. During the Competitive Jam Skating season, Jam Skaters will be recognized and rewarded once their Leaderboard points reach the following levels…
    • 100 points = ALL-STAR ( ★ )
    • 250 points = SUPER-STAR ( ★ ★ )
    • 500 points = MEGA-STAR ( ★ ★ ★ )
  4. Lifetime Achievement Awards at varying milestones can be earned by accumulating points over time during a Jam Skaters active career.
  5. World Class Jam Skaters may be inducted into the exclusive ‘Jam Skating Legends’ Hall of Fame once they have achieved each of the Lifetime Achievement Award milestones or an equivalent thereof. *Conditions apply

Lifetime Achievement Awards