General Definitions

Battletude - “Battle Attitude” is how well a skater presents themselves while demonstrating confidence, determination, poise, tenacity, and boldness including ardently responding to their opponents moves and enthusiastically hyping up the crowd through their Jam Skating moves and performance. Also encompasses oversight of applicable rules including time limits.

Bracket (or tournament bracket) – A tree diagram that represents a series of contests between multiple competitors that culminate in a final champion.

Commandos – A mini routine between two or more Jam Skaters where the Jam Skater(s) currently skating switches out with another Jam Skater(s) using synchronized movements.

Competitive Jam Skating - Competitive Jam Skating is an intense sport where individuals compete while on rollerskates by combining elements of gymnastics, breakdancing, and freestyle skating strategically performed to the lyrics, beat and rhythmic movement of the music.

Event – One of the 7 sanctioned competitions in Competitive Jam Skating

Footwork - Jam Skating moves that are performed with either 1 or 2 skates touching the floor without other parts of the body, such as hands or knees, touching the floor.

Formations – Jam Skating in sync with other team members but doing so while changing positions within the Jam Circle and with each other.

Groundwork - Jam Skating moves that are performed with 1 or 2 skates touching the floor, as well as another part of the body, such as a hand or a knee, also touching the floor at the same time.

Jam Circle – A 30 foot diameter skating area where Jam Skaters battle against other Jam Skaters and is also used for Solo, Double and Team :90 Second Performances.

Jam Skate – A shoe or boot with a set of wheels attached to its sole for skating on hard surfaces and usually has a jam plug instead of a toe stop.

Jam Skater – A rollerskater that performs elements of gymnastics, breakdancing and freestyle skating to the rhythmic movement of the music.

JSL – An acronym for Jam Skating League, also known as the National Jam Skating League.

Leaderboard – A system of tracking and displaying points that Jam Skaters earn when they win and/or place in sanctioned events to help determine who the top Competitive Jam Skaters in the nation are.

League – Used to determine and separate the different age brackets. (Junior League (9- 11 year olds), Little League (12-14 year olds), Minor League (15-17 year olds) and Major League (18 years old and older)

League Officials – Generally refers to the personnel that organize, oversee and run the tournament but may also include rink operators, judges, emcee’s and dj’s.

League Personnel – Generally refers to anyone who is helping out or has a supporting role in the tournament. (i.e. Cashiers, DJ’s, Emcee’s, Judges, Security, Etc.) Major Repairs - Repairs that are needed that would prohibit you from being able to skate.

Minor Repairs - Repairs that are needed but wouldn’t stop you from being able to skate.

Musicality - ANY Jam Skating move that is performed in a way that matches or complements the music. In other words, “The only thing missing from the song was YOU!”

National Jam Skating League – The governing body for Competitive Jam Skating

Performance – A series of Jam Skating moves carefully planned out and choreographed to music performed within the Jam Circle for up to 90 seconds. Or simply a Jam Skating move or set of moves attempted to score points with the judges.

Power - Jam Skating moves that are performed without either skate touching the floor during the execution of the move.

Round – During a battle, one round is once both Jam Skaters or both teams of Jam Skaters have taken a turn in the Jam Circle.

Sanctioned – Any Jam Skating event that is officially ran by the National Jam Skating League and where winning Jam Skaters are eligible to earn Leaderboard points.

Set – A combination of Jam Skating moves performed by one or more Jam Skaters that is part of a battle and constitutes half of one round.

Synchronization – To move, operate or Jam Skate at the same rate and exactly together.

Tournament – Typically a 3-5 day gathering of Jam Skaters that includes competitions in multiple sanctioned Competitive Jam Skating Events

X-Factor – Used to describe the potential bonus points judges can award to a Jam Skater or teams performance based on the judges impression of the routine as a whole and any impact the overall performance had on them. (0 – Ordinary and conventional, 1 – Satisfactory yet notable 2 – Remarkable and very impressive, 3 – Phenomenal and unforgettable!) *Including half points.

X-Zone – The area inside the Jam Circle where a Jam Skater(s) begins or waits their turn to begin battling. A small but conspicuous “X” that is marked on the floor and is 4 feet just inside the outermost edge of both sides of the Jam Circle directly opposite each other designates the foremost part of the X-ZONE.