Judging Criteria – THE GRID

(What are the Judges looking for?)

Each judge will consider the following criteria (THE GRID) when determining the Jam Skater(s)/Teams composite score…

Judging Criteria ConfidenceJudging Criteria QuantityJudging Criteria VarietyJudging Criteria Unique SetsJudging Criteria To The BeatJudging Criteria DifficultyJudging Criteria Dynamic MotionJudging Criteria ExecutionJudging Criteria OriginalityJudging Criteria FlowJudging Criteria Use of FloorJudging Criteria TransitionsJudging Criteria ReprisalJudging Criteria HypeJudging Criteria TimeJudging Criteria rules

FOR EXAMPLE: The FOOTWORK judge will analyze your set or routine looking to make sure with confidence you employ an ample amount of a variety of footwork that is unique to this set and is performed to the beat, difficult in nature, dynamically executed with precision, is original and creative demonstrating good flow and utilizing the majority of the Jam Circle as well as including quality transitions and bold reprisal all while hyping up the judges and the crowd as you take advantage of the full time allotted without breaking any rules.

Then, after careful consideration of the set or performance as a whole with respect to all the criteria as it relates to footwork, the FOOTWORK judge will give the Jam Skater(s) a composite score on a scale from (0 – 5) *Including half points. (O – NONE, 1 – POOR, 2 – AVERAGE, 3 – GOOD, 4 – EXCELLENT, 5 – OUTSTANDING)

The GROUNDWORK, POWER, MUSICALITY and BATTLETUDE judges will do the same thing using the same criteria (THE GRID) for their respective categories. *The BATTLETUDE judge will be analyzing the Jam Skater(s) set or performance—as a whole—particularly considering the Jam Skater(s) overall application of the judging criteria in the other four categories as it relates to Battletude.

ALL five judges will additionally consider the following criteria whenever two or more Jam Skaters are competing together…

Judging Criteria Team SynchronizationJudging Criteria Team CommandosJudging Criteria Team FormationsJudging Criteria Team Style