General Rules of Conduct

It is expected that competitors, spectators, League officials, rink operators, etc. act at all times with integrity, respect, good sportsmanship, professionalism and kindness—both in word and deed—before, during and after tournaments.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

What makes a winner truly impressive and remarkable is not simply what they do ‘on the court’ but moreover, how they present themselves before, during AND after a tournament! Truly outstanding Jam Skaters will treat others with decency and kindness—regardless of how others treat them.

Additionally, anyone who has ever won, should remember all the times they lost and anyone who has ever lost, but never won, should remember that every winner has lost before too. Humility, persistence, confidence, respect and a determination to never give up have and always will be indispensable hallmarks of the greatest Jam Skaters.

  1. All Jam Skaters, spectators, League Officials, etc. will be required, not simply encouraged, to refrain from any and all unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. Temper tantrums, yelling at judges or League Officials, refusing to congratulate opponents, belittling others, parental abuse—verbal or physical—towards their children, bullying or any other unbecoming or inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated. At the discretion of League officials, anyone in violation of unsportsmanlike conduct may be disqualified, ejected from current and/or future events and/or possibly removed from the League entirely.


  1. Verbal OR physical altercations will not be tolerated, especially when it involves vulgar or abusive language, threats and/or physical contact. Disagreements can and should be handled ‘professionally’ which generally means at an appropriate time and place in a calm, dignified manner and without violence.
  2. Besides facing ejection from a tournament or the entire League, anyone who is combative or antagonistic may also be subjected and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (No warning is necessary!) *Any points earned can be taken away at the discretion of League officials.
  3. Fighting also extends to include inappropriate use of online and social media forums. Respect for the Jam Skating community and everyone in it demands a spirit of inclusivity free from words or messages that demean or belittle others. Offenders will be blocked and/or banned where possible.

Drugs and Alcohol

The Jam Skating community as a whole, including National Jam Skating League events and tournaments should be a safe place where kids of all ages and families can feel comfortable and be free from the detrimental impacts of inappropriate or illegal use of drugs, smoking, vaping and/or alcohol.

  1. Jam Skaters will not be allowed to compete if they are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is both unsafe for them and for all those around them.
  2. Illegal drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted inside the facility or on the property where an event or tournament is being held. Offenders will be required to leave and may be ejected from the event, tournament and/or League altogether.